Zephyr Experience

Zephyr Experience

Waitlist Only! Please call (775) 588-6759 ext 107 to enroll on the waitlist.

June 24-29, 2018


Bridges to Hope: Exploring Diversity in Religion and Politics

Join a community of progressive Christians

Learn from scholars and church leaders

Probe more deeply together into pressing issues

Celebrate in worship and song

Enjoy Lake Tahoe at your footsteps

Zephyr Experience 2018 offers five days of morning classes for adults and children. Afternoons are free to explore a choice of activities and evenings offer a time to worship together, watch the sunsets, and play games. Check out our 2018 Brochure!

To Register for Zephyr Experience:

This year, online registration is not available. Instead, print out the Registration Form and return it by mail (address included on the form). Or to register over the phone, please call our Program Registrar at (775) 588-6759 ext. 107.

Adults May Choose Two Classes, One From Each Session

First Session

Leader Details
Ben Daniel Holy Writ for the Rest of Us: Rediscovering and Reclaiming the New Testament
Jim Rigby Living in the Eye of the Storm
Floyd Thompkins Faith That Moves Mountains

Second Session

Leader Details
Annanda Barclay Embodying the Current and Emerging Church
Greg Love Across the Divide
Beverly Brewster When Religious Freedom Becomes Freedom to Discriminate-What Would Jesus Do?

Children and Youth

Age Details
5-9 Zephyr Point Day Camp
10-18 Walking Our Talk-Becoming the Followers of Jesus We Say We Are, by Mary Jo Blazek

Description of Courses

Session One Classes (8:45am-10:15am)

Holy Writ for the Rest of Us: Rediscovering and Reclaiming the New Testament

by Ben Daniel

If you have come to believe the Bible is an ancient, irrelevant, and useless book whose ongoing popularity serves mainly to confirm the prejudice, misogyny, and violent inclinations of fundamentalism, then this class is for you. We will explore ways of reading the Bible that take us away from a binary conservative/progressive divide. Together we will look at surprising and unexpected passages from the New Testament that challenge traditional scriptural interpretation, that add depth and texture to stories we often disregard as overly-familiar, and that may surprise us with messages that feel fresh and relevant today.

Rev. Ben Daniel is the Senior Pastor of Montclair Presbyterian Church in Oakland, CA. He has also written four books, including Neighbor: Close Encounter With ‘Illegal’ Immigration.

Living in the Eye of the Storm

by Jim Rigby

In this toxic political environment how can we balance inner peace and outer activism? We will look for direction from some of the great lifelong activists from history: We will learn from Dr. King how to stay focused on what we want and not become fixated on what we hate. We will learn from Thich Nhat Hahn how to look at our spiritual practice as breathing in, and see our activism as natural as breathing out. We will learn from Dorothy Day how to throw our pebble in the pond and trust the ripples to spread. We will learn from Mr. Rogers to remember the strength that comes from looking for the helpers. And finally, we will learn from Emma Goldman the importance of having joy even as we struggle for a better world.

Jim Rigby is a Presbyterian pastor at St. Andrews Church in Austin, Texas, who tries to balance activism and spirituality.

Faith That Moves Mountains:
Making our corporate witness effective in an age of social dissonance and religious indifference

by Floyd Thompkins

How do we minister in this time of political and cultural turmoil? What are the best practices for influencing social policy and political and religious dialogue? We will look at the current political dynamics and review recently successful faith-led movements in Northern Ireland, South Africa, and the United States. We will then look at models of engagement within the context of our own communities.

Floyd Thompkins has served as Dean and Chaplain at Stanford and Princeton Universities and is the Director of the Center for Innovation in Ministry at San Francisco Theological Seminary.

Session Two Classes (10:30am-12:00pm)

Embodying the Current and Emerging Church

by Annanda Barclay

We will explore the ways we define and identify church communities and how Christians evolve with the practice of Spirituality. We’ll discuss how one of the biggest moments of technological evolution affects Christians. We will look closely at how our spiritual grounding and the cultivation of spiritual communities have a direct impact on the economic, social political, and environment life on this planet; and how we can be co-creators, as we grow in consciousness.

Rev. Annanda Barclay is the Associate Pastor at First Presbyterian Church Palo Alto. She is a member of the Advisory committee to both the Spahr Reconciliation and J. Alfred Smith/King Initiatives at the Center of Innovation and Ministry at San Francisco Theological Seminary, and former Co-Moderator for the National Board of More Light Presbyterians.

Across the Divide:
Conversing and Finding Connection with Those with Whom You Vehemently Disagree

by Greg Love

Why do we disagree so vastly on religion and politics, and yet are so sure we are absolutely right, and the other is wrong? How do we converse with those with whom we so vehemently disagree? This course begins with neurology and evolutionary biology, which explains why we radically disagree. It then looks at two recent works by political scientists–Aurelian Craiutu (Penn) and Mark Lilla (Columbia University)–who explore the virtues that lead to the ability to talk and create positive movement with those of vastly different views. The course ends with the practical skills needed to engage in conflict that leads to resolution and a joining of forces.

The Rev. Dr. Gregory Love is Professor of Systematic Theology at San Francisco Theological Seminary, and a Presbyterian pastor.

When Religious Freedom Becomes Freedom to Discriminate–What Would Jesus Do?

by Beverly Brewster

What do the Bible and the US Constitution have to say about wedding cake bakers turning away gay customers based on conservative Christian opposition to gay marriage? At what point does a claim to First Amendment “religious freedom” become unconstitutional discrimination? And what would Jesus say about Christianity becoming the USA’s state-sponsored religion? We’ll explore the teachings of Jesus and Paul and our own religious practices to build a Christian ethic of religious freedom that honors all people.

Rev. Beverly Brewster is the Pastor of the Sleepy Hollow Presbyterian Church in San Anselmo, CA. She is a former constitutional and human rights lawyer, an elected member of the PC(USA) Advisory Committee on Social Witness Policy, and is active in interfaith peacemaking work. She has a passion for placing the teachings of Jesus back at the center of American Christianity.

Children (Ages 5-9)

Fun and Adventure in Day Camp

Leaders: Zephyr Point Summer Day Camp Staff
Monday – Friday 9am-4:00pm

Zephyr Summer Day Camp offers fantastic camp experiences. Children will have fun and adventures within the Zephyr Point grounds. Activities include: swimming, canoeing, archery, nature hikes, arts and crafts, fun skits, singing, and group games.

Safety is a priority. Supervision and direction will be provided by caring, college-age role models. Red Cross certified lifeguards will be on duty when children enter the water. Additional CPR and First Aid certified staff will be onsite.

With parent consent, children may leave the day camp at any time during the day to rejoin their family. Must sign child in and out each day! Costs for the camp are included in the Zephyr Experience children’s fee.

Children ages 5-9 MUST register for Zephyr Point Day Camp and fill out the 2017 Day Camp Medical Form. For information and a registration form, call our program office at 775-588-6759 x 107 or e-mail program@zephyrpoint.org. Completed registration forms for Day Camp must be submitted by June 26th.

Youth Class (Ages 10-18)

“Walking Our Talk–Becoming the Followers of Jesus We Say We Are”  by Mary Jo Blazek

Youth plans for Zephyr Experience week include interactive youth activities and special games. We will be involved in arts and crafts, and take advantage of the beautiful Lake Tahoe setting. Youth will also have the option to practice and participate in the annual talent show.

Mary Jo Blazek has been the children’s coordinator at the Stone Church of Willow Glen for the past 8 years. She has been a Children’s programming coordinator for Ronald McDonald House. She is a mother of three daughters and loves working with children and youth of all ages.


Daily Schedule


Time Activity
7:30am Morning Light
7:45am Breakfast
8:45am-10:15am First Session
10:15am Break
10:30am-12pm Second Session
12:15pm Lunch
1pm-6pm Freetime
6pm Dinner
7:15pm-8:15pm Worship

Morning Light: Begin the day with meditation, movement, and prayer by the lake.

Afternoon Free Time: The afternoons are free to explore, swim at the lake, hang out at the beach, bike or hike. Organized crafts & activities will be available and One Hour Overviews of the Sessions will be presented by our leaders.

Evening Program: Worship services Monday and Wednesday, Sunset Sing on Tuesday, and Variety Show on Thursday. All ages are invited to participate in our variety show with songs, skits, or special talents.

There is quiet time for gazing at the Milky Way every night.

Communion: Friday before lunch, there will be a communion service to complete our experience.

Room and Board Per Person*

Tahoe Center

Age Rate Rate After 5/16
Adult $575 $585
3-18 $300 $310


Age Rate Rate After 5/16
Adult $360 $370
3-18 $225 $235

To Register, print out the Registration Form and return it by mail (address included on the form). Or to register over the phone, please call our Program Registrar at (775) 588-6759 ext. 107.

Additional Details

  • Includes Sunday dinner through Friday lunch
  • Non-refundable deposit due at time of registration
  • Balance due 14 days before event start date
  • If you in need of a scholarship to participate in Zephyr Experience please do not hesitate to inquire by contacting our Program Ministry Coordinator: Kelli Ramsay at 775-588-6759 ext. 114
  • If you would like to make a donation to Zephyr Point or contribute to the general scholarship fund to help enable others to enjoy a Zephyr Point experience, please click here to open our online donor application.