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Love Letters to Zephyr Point

Love Letters to Zephyr Point

Love Letters to Zephyr Point is an accumulation of true stories told by guests, program participants, campers, board members and staff.
We invite you, your family, and your friends to share your experiences at Zephyr Point.

We have partnered with StoryCorps to collect and archive these precious memories.

We hope to collect at least 100 stories before our 100th Anniversary celebration, which will be in late summer or early fall of 2024.

Visit our StoryCorps Community page


Listen to stories from the collection
Schedule your interview
Email us your story


You can schedule an interview for a time when you will be on-site or you can coordinate with a Zephyr Point Board Member or staff to do an interview over the phone. If you are more comfortable writing your story we invite you to submit your story to the Zephyr Point archive through the Email Icon above.

Participants are required to sign the following Release Form.

ZP_FILLABLE Photo & Interview Release Form


Your recording will be archived online and at the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress.


Learn More about StoryCorp