Summer Staff

Employment Opportunities



The purpose of the Program Ministry Department at Zephyr Point: “Through our summer and year round
programs, we want to work alongside the mission of the Church in guiding people both young and
old to discover and cultivate the abundance of life lived in discipleship to Jesus Christ.” To fulfill this,
Zephyr Point ministry programs are uniquely geared to provide for both small and large group
experiences, directed and supervised by our well-trained staff. Summer staff members minister through
a focused relational ministry model, working within God’s magnificent creation to encourage all who
participate toward a dynamic and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ as both disciples and
ambassadors of His kingdom!

This summer approximately 25 individuals will be serving on the Zephyr Point Summer staff, working
with integrity to fulfill our ministry vision through serving elementary school, Jr. High, and Sr. High School
students, as well as College students, adults, and families. The staff are on the front lines of this
ministry, participating as a community to see that the calling and purposes for Zephyr Point are

Selections for positions on the Zephyr Point Summer staff are made on the basis of the applicant’s
qualifications as determined by written application, personal recommendations, and interviews by
members of the Zephyr Point Program Department.

Employment dates: (9 Weeks) June 5 – August 9, 2020

General Employment Requirements

  • Commitment to Jesus Christ and his call to participate within his kingdom.
  • Seeking to grow in the Christian Discipleship.
  • Strong desire to give of self and serve others.
  • Ability to adhere and conduct oneself to the guidelines of the Zephyr Point philosophy of ministry.
  • Involvement in the life of the Church community.
  • Willing to be guided by schedules & principles established for daily work, & community living
  • Ability to relate to both young people and adults.
  • High appreciation of the outdoors.
  • Minimum eligibility requirement: 19 years of age or turning 19 within the summer season.
  • Commitment to the entire summer is MANDATORY. Any exceptions (such as school-related
    needs) must be preapproved

Rewards of Summer Staff Service

  • Opportunities to serve Jesus Christ by serving others in ministry.
  • The chance to live within and be a part of an intentional Christian Community of peers.
  • A time to grow in your faith.
  • Increase in vocational skills.


  • On-site housing, Worker’s Compensation Insurance, and salary as indicated under job descriptions.
  • The possibility of securing field credits for school (See your school’s requirements and arrange