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Summer Positions

Camp Zephyr Day Camp


Camp Zephyr is a Monday-Friday day camp for 1st through 6th grade. This program is a ministry to local Lake Tahoe families–a place where their children are safe, cared for, and loved. Many campers will return year after year or even week after week.

Day Camp Coordinator (1 Position)

 The Day Camp Coordinator is the leader and overseer of the Day Camp Team. This team is comprised of 8 Lead Counselors (LC), an Activities Director (AD), and a Crafts Director (CD). The responsibilities of the Coordinator are to ensure that all areas of Day Camp run effectively and meaningfully. The DC Coordinator is the backbone to the Day Camp team. This person is the go-to when a problem arises with campers that cannot be handled by the LC, when LC’s are needing support, when issues arise in staff relations and when programming is in need of support and guidance. The day camp coordinator assists the Program manager and director to create and implement themes for each week. The Coordinator must be able to effectively communicate and work with LC’s to be able to create each week with a theme that connects with the underlying message and mission of the summer. In this role there needs to be organization, creativity, and very good communication skills.   The Coordinator is also to ensure that check in and check out runs smoothly and is to communicate with parents on a regular basis. There will be office work that will be completed by the Day Camp Coordinator if the Office Assistant is unable to complete the tasks. They are available on call to bring support to any area of Day Camp that is needed. 

Salary – $3,750

Day Camp Activities Director (1 Position)

The Day Camp Activities Director (or AD) is responsible for developing and leading program activities for campers grades 1st-7th. The AD must be well organized, able to work well with campers as well as fellow staff, and able to lead both large and small group activities. The main focus of the AD is to assist in building weekly camp communities and to supplement the efforts of the lead counselors through games, activities, and fun. Another aspect of the AD position is assisting the Day Camp Coordinator in giving direction and themes for each week. The AD and the Day Camp coordinator will work together to create themes with messages for the week, that will involve various activities.  Applicants should have a lot of energy, be well organized and be very creative and should have experience leading games and activities for youth.

Salary – $3,000

Crafts Director (1 Position)

The Crafts Director administers the summer crafting program. They are responsible for directing specific daily craft projects for all of the age groups in day camp and basecamp. They are also responsible for buying summer supplies within a specified budget, while stocking and maintaining inventory of all crafts supplies throughout the summer. Crafts should reflect meaningful themes of the camp. They should be oriented according to themes of the week, day, or summer. The Crafts Director assists the Summer Coordinators in giving direction to each day’s schedule along with a number of additional miscellaneous tasks aimed at the facilitation of camp. This person must have exceptional interpersonal skills, a knack for organization and planning, a gift of instructing youth of different ages, and the ability to be spontaneous and creative.


Salary – $3,000

Lead Counselor (8 Positions)

Day camp lead counselors (LC) serve as the leader of a small group of elementary aged campers. The main focus of this position is to provide a safe space for campers to experience the outdoors, recreation, and friendship. LCs are responsible for daily Bible based lessons with their groups that stem from loose curriculum provided by Zephyr Point leadership. As such, LCs must have an open mind to the Christian faith and the ability to teach and communicate what a life of spirituality in various forms looks like. LCs are responsible for interacting with their campers, engaging in all camp activities, while supporting the AD and crafts director as needed, as well as facilitating the transitions from activity to activity. Counselors must be able to abide by the disciplinary policy of Zephyr Point and keep the quality of experience of all campers as their focus. Each week, lead counselors are partnered up—an understanding of teamwork and willingness to work together is essential. Applicants must be mature, flexible, and able to multitask and focus throughout shifting priorities as well as manage campers in varying ages and maturity.

Salary – $2,750

Trek Team


The TREC team runs two different types of programs: Basecamp (onsite overnight camp with daily off-site adventure excursions) and High Camp (Backpacking trips with students into the Tahoe Backcountry), working with Jr. and Sr. High school students.

Trek Coordinator (1 Position)

The Trek Coordinator is essentially the administrative and technical leader of the Trek team. The Trek coordinator in a big picture, oversees that the Trek programs run smoothly and effectively.  This person must be experienced in the outdoors, a certified Wilderness First Responder, and feel comfortable leading guides through training for backpacking and outdoor program facilitation. This person is responsible for prep work for daily excursions and week long backpacking trips. Responsibilities for this include but are not limited to; backcountry meal planning, shopping, and packing, transportation coordination, gear upkeep and testing, as well as schedule management for Trek guides and campers. Trek coordinator is also responsible for coordinated communication with parents, medical form management, and oversight with difficult campers. Trek guidance requires organization, risk management, thorough knowledge of wilderness threats and benefits, ability to teach and critique outdoor guiding techniques and a great love for the outdoors in a variety of environmental challenges. Technical certifications or training in outdoor climbing, bike maintenance, backpacking, and wilderness survival is desired.  Wilderness First Responder is required, stipends of $500 will be given to anyone who has or acquires a WFR for the first two years they guide for us. Additional stipends may apply up to $500 for holding a SPI certification.

Salary – $3,750

Trek Guides (4 Positions)

The Trek guides serve Zephyr Point program needs for both the Basecamp and High Camp weeks as well as one week of Family Camp. As leaders and facilitators, the Trek Guides will oversee small groups consisting of one or two volunteer counselor(s) and 10-15 campers. Responsibilities for this position include; leading discussions, assisting in the leadership of off-site/backpacking adventures, and the leading of games, team building initiatives, and other programmed activities. The Trek Guides need to have experience in and or an openness to learning a variety of outdoor activities such as; rock climbing, kayaking, hiking, and mountain biking. Guides will also participate in white water rafting led by a professional rafting company.  Guides must have an ability to relate to and teach youth as well as adults, and should have experience with team building initiatives and recreational activities. *Applicants for the Trek Guide position must be at least 20 years old. Wilderness First AID is a minimum requirement for this position, stipends of $150 will be given to anyone who has or acquires a WFA for the first 2 years they guide for us. Wilderness First Responder is encouraged, stipends of $500 will be given to anyone who has or acquires a WFR the first two years they guide for us. Additional stipends may apply up to $500 for holding a SPI certification.

Salary – $3,000



The Waterfront team ensures the safety of our guests and campers at Zephyr Point’s beach and docks. Lifeguards guard not only for youth summer programs, but also adult programs, conference groups, and guests. This team is vital to the safety of all who are on Zephyr Point property. Waterfront teams also facilitate watercraft use and rental as well as support the operations of Day Camp programming.

Lifeguard (3 Positions)

Lifeguards/first-aiders are responsible to maintain safety for all guests and campers at the Zephyr Point waterfront by supervising the marked off swimming area, maintaining a clean and safe environment throughout the ZP beachfront area, and oversee the safe use of ZP waterfront during Day Camp swim hours. In addition to the safety of swimmers, lifeguards may be responsible for the setup, tear down, and running of daily camp events such as games, crafts, archery, skits, boating and evening basecamp events. These individuals must be reliable and have good communications skills, as well as have the ability to cope with stressful emergency events. Lifeguards work under the supervision of the Guest Program Coordinator. Red Cross or Ellis Lifeguard Training certificate required. Advanced First Aid and CPR certificates required.

Salary – $2,750

Office & Resource

The Office & Resource team works with both the Day Camp team and the Trek team to facilitate programs. These positions require initiative as they are unique within the summer staff.

Office Assistant (1 Position)

The Office Assistant works in close conjunction with the summer coordinators and the year-round Program office staff in order to ensure summer registration and programs run smoothly. The Office Assistant duties include: check-in and check-out for both youth and adult summer programs, answering phones, responding to emails, using our online registration system, assisting guests, maintaining records and paperwork, and other miscellaneous tasks related to the program office. In addition to the office assigned work, this person may be responsible for the setup, tear down, and running of daily camp events such as games, crafts, archery, skits, boating and evening basecamp events. Applicants should have excellent communication skills, be competent in Office suite, and be able to work independently at times in a somewhat isolating role.

Salary – $2,750