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Cabin Waitlist

Zephyr Point maintains a waitlist for cabins in the summertime, Memorial Day to Labor Day. The waitlist allows guests to be notified of cabin openings for Zephyr Point’s busiest season, when there is limited availability.

How it Works

  • Guests interested in being on the waitlist must complete the form below.
  • The waitlist process takes place in the fall and consists of three rounds: Guests who have been on the waitlist the longest will be notified first (e.g. 8 or more years), followed by more recent request dates (e.g. 3-8 years), and ending with the most recent request dates (e.g. less than 3 years).
  • Waitlist notices will be sent by email showing all cabins available during the next year’s summer weeks. Recipients will be given a deadline to respond with their top three cabin choices (typically 7-10 days).
  • Guests who have been on the waitlist the longest are granted their first choice of cabin.
  • Guests whose requests are not fulfilled from one round will be included in subsequent rounds with the opportunity to request different cabins for different times.
  • Each round takes approximately 2-3 weeks to complete.
  • After the waitlist process, courtesy emails will be sent with notice of changes to cabin availability, granted on a first-come first-served basis.

Waitlist Policy 

  • Entries on the waitlist are by request only (please fill out the form below).
  • One entry per family; fulfilled requests may be booked under an immediate family member’s name.
  • Standard booking policies apply to cabin rentals booked from the waitlist.
  • The waitlist and courtesy emails do not constitute a guarantee of a cabin booking for the specified time (Memorial Day to Labor Day) in any year.
  • Once a booking is made, the request is immediately removed from the waitlist.
  • Guests are eligible to be re-added to the waitlist with a new request date once a request is fulfilled.
  • Annually, an email will be sent requiring guests to submit a waitlist request to stay active. Guests who do not respond will removed from the list.

Waitlist Request Form