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Sample Pricing

Sample Pricing

tallac-centerHere is a quick way to calculate the cost of having your retreat at Zephyr Point:

If your conference is staying in hotel-style guestrooms (Tallac/Tahoe Centers) for 2 nights (arriving on Friday and departing on Sunday), here is the calculation you could make for rooms costs:

Number of guests ÷ how many guests per room x price per night x how many nights = price for rooms.

As an example

50 attendees with 2 people per room = 25 rooms at $110 per night=$2750 X 2 nights= $5500.

Divide this number by how many attendees, and you have your price per person to use the lodging facilities.

As an example

$5500 divided by 50 attendees =$110 per attendee.


Friday – Dinner
Saturday – Breakfast, lunch, dinner
Sunday – Breakfast
5 meals = $70.75 per guest

Total for lodging and meals= $180.75 per attendee.

*1 complimentary meeting space is included with booking of 10 rooms or more.
**2021 rates